Saturday, 3 September 2011

A TV Star came to visit

Its been very exciting here - Missy had a TV star come to visit.

The star in question? Bubble the dalmatian.

Bubble was on The One Show ( see HERE at 38 mins in) and she was joint winner in the Waggiest Tail  section.

Missy was completely unimpressed by the shows hosts, Chris Evans and Alex Jones - who obviously weren't the stars on this episode. Clever doggy! :)

We had the very great pleasure of Lottie and Bubble staying with us overnight on Friday / Sat morning.

Lottie is the owner of Pawsitively Pets - and she's the very kind lady who posts Missy's favourite treats to us - she provides all manner of pet supplies, all you need to do is request them and Lottie will do her best to supply them for you!
She posts to us in Essex, so distance is no problem :) 

See HERE for Lottie's  website and HERE for Lottie's blog

If you're in Sheffield and looking for a dog trainer, you couldn't do better than to go see Lottie. I had the pleasure of walking Bubble on my own whilst Lottie got ready, and she walked like a dream, no bouncing or pulling - and she watched me and obeyed all the commands I gave. When you think Bubble is a deaf dog, Lottie has done an amazing job!

I'd also like to tell you about Rain Rescue. Here, Lottie volunteers her time and helps with the training of the rescue dogs, improving their chances of being rehomed .  You can see Rain Rescue's site HERE.
I think you can also see why Lottie and Bubble are truly stars, not just celebrities! Three cheers for you girls :)

Missy was a good girl, she learned that if she looked at me straight after looking at Bubble, she got a treat. That was great fun and very easy to do!

Then when Bubble was upstairs asleep, she made friends with Auntie Lottie

and now, when Lottie and Bubble are on their way home to Sheffield, where's our darling Missy? Asleep, exhausted by entertaining the famous :)


  1. Nice Pat, only here on the mainland we can not see the video because it's unfortunately restricted to the UK.
    This are beautiful pictures and it's a good initiative of Lottie.
    Well done Missy, she's a really smart dog.

  2. thanks, Renske. Sorry you can't see the live clip - but the important photos are in the post :)
    Glad you like the pictures , Lottie is really very special - and Missy is indeed a smart doggy :) xx

  3. It had been a very good day for you and Missy! Arianna

  4. It was lovely Arianna.
    One of life's greatest pleasures to have good friends come visit xx

  5. O what a cutie! I love Dalmatians, we called them "rice-and-raisins-dogs" as children.
    P.S. Missy is cute too, in case she gets jealous...

  6. Bubble is very cute, Judy. I gave her a little massage and she gave me a big smoochie :)
    Rice and raisins - I can see the sense of it :)
    Missy will be fine, she knows you love her best :lol:

  7. What a fun time you all had! Missy does look completely worn out from all that excitement! Lottie sounds as if she has a great big loving heart.

  8. We did, Tonya, we had a great time. Talked to Lottie like talking was going out of fashion :)
    She does have a great big heart - and I'm truly blessed to know her xx

  9. Pat, loved reading about your visit and learning more about the work that Lottie does. She has my admiration for working with rescue dogs. I'm so glad you enjoyed the visit.

  10. Glad you enjoyed the post, Ann.
    Lottie has my admiration too xx

  11. Loved reading this post. How nice to have a real life celeb. in your mist!

  12. Thanks Ann. It was most enjoyable xx

  13. My goodness, Missy was a very busy hostess! Thank you, Pat, for the wonderful and most enjoyable post!

  14. thanks, Kathryn. So glad you enjoyed it xx

  15. Lovely post Pat and great to read about a fellow dog homer and friend. You all do a great and admirable job! I'm with Missy on the Chris Evans thing - I would prefer to leave the room when he's on the gogglebox lol.

  16. We're all with Missy on the Chris Evans thing, Michael :lol: First time Paul and I watched the programme - and only because of Lottie and Bubble :)

  17. What a wonderul post dear Pat and a lovely story! xx

  18. Well I do hope you got her 'Pawtograph', lol! ;0D

  19. Well Missy certainly had some excitement. Lucky girl she is

  20. Oh how fun for Missy!! I think dog trainers are such amazing people! What a great photo of exhausted Missy!

  21. Thank you, June, Sandra, Ann and Ann.

    No pawtographs, poor Bubble was exhausted after the show and travelling back to me .
    Bit Missy loved the company - so much so at times she wouldn't stop chiming in with her tuppence worth :lol:

  22. What a great story Pat! Our furry friends are so amazing aren't they?
    I love the photo of Missy relaxing.
    Thank you for coming over to meet Jock and your kind note.

  23. What a great day! I love to see Missy sleeping, tired of excitement!She's so cute! I hope my Missy can live as happy as she does!xx


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