Thursday, 8 September 2011

Time for a watch along experiment.

Do you remember the Famous Cactus? It had the swirly swishy background.

I was wondering what to paint, so thought to try an experiment.. the swirly background and a floral painting.

I have drawn the flowers from my imagination. Not sure if that's a good idea, but time will tell.

So here are the first few steps. If anyone wants to try this out for themselves - be my guest!

firstly, the drawing

Wet the paper completely, then add the background washes. A lazy S shaped swish of french ultramarine, alizarin crimson and aureolin.

after that has dried completely ( which takes a while as it was very wet) I add a second wash of aureolin to the flowers alone

that's it for today, will be back soon with some more stages.
Hope you've enjoyed and even feel inspired :)


  1. Interesting experiment, Pat! Looking forward to the next stages!

  2. thanks Judy - who knows what will happen but sometimes you have to take chances :) xx

  3. Pat, I have no time to try this today, but I might soon. Curious about the next stages. Nice of you for this experiment.

  4. I'm inspired. I'm going to try this along with you...can't wait to see how it all turns out. xx

  5. Pat, I can see that it is coming along beautifully. I am looking forward to seeing the finished painting.
    Never be afraid to use your own imagination for anything you want to paint :)
    Hugs xx

  6. Interesting technique, Pat. I was thinking of trying it with a portrait. Looking forward to see the next stages,

  7. My goodness, I think I can handle those first two stages. When it gets more detailed I doubt it. But I do love the rainbow look.

  8. This is a great start...I love tutorials and can't wait to see this one progress.

  9. Oh I just love tutorials, and lessons, I will try this.. From you it has to be good. !!!!

  10. Glad you all like to watch - and for those trying it, I hope you have fun! There's nothing serious about this painting :) xx

  11. Hi Pat! I'm back from short holidays and I'm really inspired by this experiment! Hope I can do a good work. Now, I'm curious to see next stage. xx


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