Monday, 26 September 2011

Patience and Flowers.

Good morning all.

A new week and a new chapter starts today!

This morning I deleted my Facebook account. They made a couple of changes too far, compromised my privacy - and really made it less fun!

I haven't the patience for it. Which is odd, because as artists we have to have patience, to see our creations grow, to learn new techniques and to develop.
As a gardener, I need to have patience, for plants don't rush.

Perhaps my patience is selective. I wonder if yours is too?

Talking of gardening and plants, the bed in front of the garage was planted up. It will take a year or two for these plants to spread and fill the bed.
If you would like to use the photos in this post as a basis for a painting, please do so.


Japanese Anemone


Butterfly - with hairs up to catch the warm air in the sun

and this one, I loved the shadow! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. With patience in all the right places :)

love and hugs
Pat .


  1. These are beautiful and colorful photos especially the flowers, enough to brighten my day..he.he. Re: facebook, my friends are always surprised when they learn that I have no facebook account. I told them I have nothing to put there, besides I don't want too personal information to be there. So until now I am not yet motivated to subscribe to it. Have a nice day.

  2. Lovely pictures! Do we see some paintings coming from these? The flowers would be great! :0)

  3. Good morning Pat! I never had a FB account, blogging and painting keep me busy! That is going to be a lovely flowerbed! Beautiful pictures, the last two - butterfly and the shadow one - are fabulous. I hope to see a painting of one of these pictures!

  4. Dear Pat,
    Thank you for the beautiful photos. Pat, you are not alone regarding Facebook. Exactly the same reason, I've never tried it.
    Let us enjoy drawing and painting in our own paces!
    Kind regards,Sadami

  5. Beautiful photos Pat! You are an accomplished gardener and photographer as well as artist, and I understand your frustration with Facebook and the like, takes up too much valuable time!

  6. Thank you , Cora, I am so glad to have brightened your day! xx

    I am sure somewhere along the line, I will use these as a basis for a painting, Sandra :)

    Judy, I'm sure at some point I will be painting the shadow one and probably the phlox - they are the oens to catch my eye.. although, I could see you painting the phlox in your loose technique and making it so beautiful xx

  7. Dear Sadami, I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos! I'm looking forward to drawing and painting more, now I am no longer a member! :) xx

    Thank you , Maria. I try to take a photo as if it would be a painting! xx

  8. Pat, I enjoyed your garden photos, thank you. As for fb., I agree; it really is becoming a most frivolous and obnoxious site.

  9. The flowers look beautiful in your photos. I do have a Facebook account but very very rarely use it. Only if I want to keep up with what my rellies are doing! LOL!
    Hugs xx

  10. Pat I think I am one of the last persons who are not on Facebook, many invitations were made, but it is not for me.
    I hear a lot of people who are fed up, so you are absolutely not alone.
    Thanks for showing this lovely bed ...but why wait years for them to spread , why not just plant some more and then eventually dig them up and plant them somewhere else when they spread too much? :-))

  11. Lovely photo's Pat. As a gardener I agree that plants don't rush ... except for the weeds. They seem to appear overnight. LOL.

  12. Belle foto Pat,forse proverò a dipingere uno dei tuoi fiori..non ho mai provato!
    Io non mi sono mai iscritto a facebook...non mi piace e pure io ho poca pazienza:-)))
    Un abbraccio!!

  13. Facebook is becoming so boring, Pat! I spend most of my time blogging and painting, I should delete my account as you did....I think my old school friends keep me there,that's it.
    Love your flower pictures!xx

  14. If someone uses your flowers you will have to share!

    I don't like the new fb stuff at all. They just keep getting worse and worse. If I didn't have a fabric swap private page on there I would let it go. I am never on there anyway.

  15. Kathryn, glad you enjoyed the photos - and nice to know I'm not alone! xx

    Glad you liked the photos, June. xx

    Jane, I like your thinking! But, if I did that, the plants roots would not develop as freely as tehy can when they are not overcrowded - and the roots are the most important for healthy plants. I'll be patient ;) xx

    John, you're so right! They sneak up on you, weeds do! xx

  16. Francesco, I'll look forward to seeing your first flower painting! xx

    Anamaria, I'm much happier blogging and painting too! xx

    Its a bind, isn't it Tonya? I've never know so many people moan about it. I'm more of a take action person, though, hence me deleting it! teehee! xx

  17. Morning my friend!!

    Sad to see you leave Facebook but I can totally understand why--don't know why they keep changing it around.

    Love love love all the photos but the butterfly and the shadow are screaming "paint me"!!

    We can't forget Nantan, ok!

  18. Love your question on patience. Lately I've had many demands and see my patience wearing thin in all areas. I think the trick is to spend more time on the things and people I love and use my patience quotas on them. :O)


  19. Thanks, Sharon. Lucky you know where to find me :)
    Haven't forgotten Nantan - have sent you an email.
    I'm sure I'll be painting from these pics soon :) xx

    Marie, you are bang on the money! Let's use our patience quota where its appreciated most! Love and hugs xxoo

  20. Though I do have a facebook account I find little use for it.
    Lovely flowers

  21. Very good photos, The shadow in the last one is super! Arianna

  22. I agree with you Pat as Facebook is concerned. Your flower and garden photos are beautiful and sunny.


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