Monday, 28 June 2010

Memories of Home

One of my followers invited me to join a painting forum - Painting Friends.
I am so glad I joined, its a very friendly forum.

Recently we had a project thread, in which we were practising lost and found edges.
From two photos supplied by members JT and Peg, we painted pumpkins and an orchid.

Here is my effort at the pumpkins:

Memories of Home

this painting will be added to my permanent gallery site
Pat Elliott Paintings


  1. I think prject challenges are fun. I have a quilting one that I follow that I am hoping that next year, when Stephen is a bit older, that I can get in on some of the fun. It is nice to work on a project that you wouldn't normally do.

    Love the pumpkins. I love to decorate for fall.

  2. This project was definitely fun!
    Although, I have painted pumpkins before :)

    Fingers crossed you get to do your project next year xx

  3. Looks like it was fun, Pat! The result is lovely.

  4. It's good to know you're enjoying your new forum Pat.

  5. It was fun, Dora - thanks xx
    Glad you like the end result xx

  6. I am enjoying it Beryl.. I can paint whenever I have spare time in the day and still have the feeling of being in a community. Ideal for my lifestyle :)

  7. Pat, Painting Friends is probably the friendliest and warmest group of artists on the web. You will enjoy being part of it.

    Your pumpkins are very nice. I especially like how you treated the shadows.

  8. Hello Pat!

    Nice to "meet" you. Thanks for visiting my blog... have enjoyed browsing yours. Love the pumpkins... one of my favorite harbingers of Fall (Autumn to you!).

    Have a good one,

  9. Hi Teresa and thanks for the compliment :)

    I'm getting to be quite international and would have recognised Fall for Autumn :lol:

    Pumpkins remind me of my Irish family, when some emigrated many years ago in the time of the famine. Not finding turnips in the new land to hollow out, they used pumpkins.

    Hence me calling the piece "Memories of Home"


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