Monday, 14 June 2010

Perfect Day - hanging

Another lovely photo found its way to me.

This is my painting "Perfect Day" which is now hanging in a doctor's, in New Jersey.

So good to see the painting hanging and being enjoyed :)


  1. That's fantastic. It looks so good hung there. I don't believe I've seen your gallery before. I think I will now.
    Have a lovely new week Pat.

  2. Thanks, Arty. xx
    Hope you enjoy the browse on the gallery site :)

  3. So nice to be in a doctor's office-- So many people will enjoy it!

  4. Isn't that a good feeling? A friend bought a small still-life watercolor and sent me a photo of it framed and hanging in it's place of honor! What a thrill!

  5. thanks Tonya xx I hope they all enjoy it :)

  6. thanks Dora xx
    Its a great feeling! It always makes me so happy to know something that I've painted makes someone else happy. To know that every time they look at my painting, they smile. No feeling like it :)

  7. We also had much pleasure creating it didn't we Pat? Lovely to see it framed.

  8. Oh yes, always lovely making paintings :)

    Its such a wonderful feeling to see it framed and being enjoyed by others, I can't describe!


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