Friday, 18 June 2010

Wall Hanging

Sometimes I fall in love with a piece of art.
If at all possible, I will buy it.

Here is a new wall hanging I fell in love with the moment I saw it, even though the word neighbour is spelled in the American fashion.
Everything about this hanging speaks of love, friendship and fun to me.
It feels so right in our house. Hubby even said, "that's right at home there"
It certainly is :)

It was made by a wonderful lady in America (The Hillbilly Wife) and was originally for sale in her Etsy shop. Click here to view shop.

The quality of her work is outstanding - and this is coming from someone who made her own wedding dress.

She also has a blog which is great fun to read, and which I follow.
Click here to view blog


  1. Thank you so much, Pat. I am glad that you all enjoy it!

  2. We do, Tonya - its gorgeous !

    Feel free to share my joy on your FB page, if you like :) xx

  3. Awesome! She is an excelent artist! :)

  4. How unusual the wall hanging is Pat, a lovely message to be displayed in your welcoming home Pat.

  5. thanks Beryl - I fell in love with it the second I clapped eyes on it :)

  6. thanks Heather - that she is! Awesome :) xx

  7. It's beautiful. I love the way you have to two doves? are they? in the front.

  8. Thanks, Marie - I think its beautiful too :)
    There are doves indeed, two glass ones, underneath that is the fish tank, so when it is lit up at night, that whole section of wall comes alive. xx


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