Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Reports, tennis and attention!

In which we report that Missy had her one month check up and got excellent grades !

No regrowth of the sarcoma and the scar had healed beautifully, with only one tiny bump which may yet go.
My gorgeous Missy.

As we carry on life as usual, Wimbledon tennis makes an appearance - which is my favourite sport to watch, but which has Missy begging for attention!

It also signals the end of art club for summer break this Weds.. will my mind be free of tennis to paint? Don't hold your breath..


  1. Missy probably grows weary of watching those tennis balls bounce all over the place, and never gets to play with them!

  2. She probably does, Tonya :)
    But she can always play with her dozen or so tenny balls :lol:

  3. Missy would love to be on centre court and would be a star performer!!

  4. So glad its a good report!! You must be so happy she is doing so well.
    :D I never thought how cruel tennis is for dogs :D

  5. Missy would love to be the ball girl dog, Beryl.
    Sadly she wouldn't give any balls back. Quickest Wimbledon ever - and you know who the Champion is :lol:

  6. We're delighted, Pam :)
    As to the tennis, she ignores it. Goes and sleeps on the bed, because tv is boring to her. Now if we were there... :lol:


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