Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Stage two of Battle

The painting is progressing nicely - which is quite something for me to say when there are lots of greens involved.
Sometimes I love painting greens and sometimes I hate them!
Which really tells me, I suppose, that there should be more practising with the blues, yellows and siennas .


  1. Why is it sometimes we love to work with some colors, and other times hate it? I go through stages I think.

  2. I find sometimes its hard to make one green stand apart from the others.. and I think I should knuckle down and paint more, then they won't be so scary! :lol:

  3. I like the texture of the brick and mortar. I'm experimenting with flesh tones!?

  4. Thanks. The brick tones are the two siennas and a very pale alizarin crimson - with a varying amount of water :)


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