Monday, 7 June 2010

Missy Elliott has mail!

I don't think the postie could quite believe that Missy Elliott lives at this address, but she does, oh yes, she does!

Auntie Sharon from New Jersey sent Miss a get well parcel, with treats and toys. She even included a windchime for mummy, bless her.
Auntie Ineke and Uncle Sandor sent a card with best wishes from "Of The Hunters Pride"

This picture shows Missy's scar and how nicely its healing. And is Missy bothered? Oh no, there's a tennis ball to be played with!


  1. Look at that "Come to Mummy painting!" Adorable!

  2. She's a real beauty Pat, no wonder you love her so much.

  3. and she has a character to match, Beryl !
    As you know, everyone who meets her, falls for her :)

  4. There's my beautiful girl!! Oh Pat her scar does look good--I looked at the post with her cone and it just hurt me to see it when it was new.

  5. Looks even better now, Sharon :)


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