Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Happy Girl

I made contact with Sarah from BuddhistMusician Accessories and asked her if she could make a "jangly" bracelet for me to wear.

The reason for this is my dog's eyesight isn't the best at night so I thought if I had something that made a tinkling sound, she would know at all times that I was nearby.

Sarah made this bracelet and matching earrings for me - I'm a very Happy girl!

and here is the bracelet in action, I jangled it in front of Missy - and she was curious as to what made the noise!


  1. It sounds to be a good idea Pat. Missy obviously thinks so too.

  2. I have them sometimes, Beryl! :lol:

    Missy can hear it, that's the main thing - no startling her anymore! xx

  3. What a wonderful idea! They are lovely.

  4. That's really cute Pat. I'm glad it works well.

  5. They are lovely for sure!

    and yes, Missy cocks her little head when she hears the jangle, so it works beautifully :)


  6. I'm so pleased it's loud enough :-)

  7. Sarah, its wonderful - we can't thank you enough for making the idea into a reality.
    Much love, Pat & Missy xx


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