Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Royal Oak

I live in an English village - and we have a village green with a church and a pub on it :)

I've already painted St Nicholas Church and now I have made a small painted sketch of The Royal Oak - the public house on the green.

The church dates from the 12th Century and the pub from the 17th !
I, of course, am nowhere near that old :)

The Royal Oak


  1. Another excellent painting Pat, wish i was as talented as you

  2. That's a sweet representation of the Royal Oak Pat. Well done.

  3. Beautiful painting. Thanks for your kind words over on my blog Pat, much appreciated :-)

  4. That looks lovely and v like a pub in a wee vilage we used to go to for sunday lunch when I lived in England

    I love those old pubs with the thick walls

    I remember the Royal Oak where we went (Watcote) there was always a big black dog who wondered over for titbits. We had pate, then chicken in the basket followed by buterscotch ice cream
    Yum!! and then we walked across the road to pet the horses

    Your painting is totaly perfect, brings back happy summer sundays

  5. Lovely memories, Pam!
    This place does a gorgeous lunch too and you're allowed to bring your dogs in the bar, but not the restaurant section :)


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