Monday, 15 March 2010

Letting in the Jungle

One of my favourite books when I was growing up was Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle book and other stories.
There was a story where the elephants and other animals destroyed the village and a poem, entitled Letting in the Jungle.

Out in my garden - also a bit of a jungle until I have it tamed - there is an ornament of a Lady's face. She was lying on her back on the patio until the wall where she was to be placed was re-rendered. ( The joy of a project of a house)
Up through the patio and over my Lady ornament this green weed began to grow and flourish. It reminded me of Letting in the Jungle - and how frail we are compared to Nature, who could claim us back at any time.

So I drew the Lady ornament and the weed . Then I made this small painting. It has given me an idea for a much larger work, which I will undertake when I have a few days free. In the meantime..

Letting in The Jungle


  1. I really like this, it feels kind of wistful :-)

  2. thanks, Sarah - she does have that kind of look about her :)

  3. The Lady looks as if she is waiting patiently for you to rescue her Pat!

  4. thanks heaven she's patient, Beryl - it could be some time :)

  5. I just love watching you do these in steps and hearing the story behind them.

  6. thanks hon xx
    You know what I admire and wish I had the patience for? Quilts and quilting!
    I'm looking forward to you being all moved and settled so I can see your new work :)


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