Tuesday, 2 March 2010

random musings

I've been thinking.
That's the point hubby usually runs for cover :)

and what I was thinking was this - that maybe I will have a Guest Spot every now and then on the blog.
That way we could get to know someone just a little better.
What format to use though? A question and answer session? Or just a here it is, you've got 100 words and one photo to tell us what you love in your life and your creative life?

Could I do it? Here's a random attempt.

In my life the most important things to me are not things, but living beings.
My husband, my friends and my dog are all up there in the top slot.
I'd move heaven and earth if I could for any of them

In my artistic life, watercolour is important to me.
I dabble a bit with sketching, pen and ink and drawing - but they are usually only means to an end - a watercolour painting. I love the expressive freedom of water and paint swirling together.

This photo shows my two great loves: Paul and Missy

Done, in just under 100 words!
Now, I wonder if anyone out there would like a Guest Spot?


  1. I very much like this idea. You could provide both alternatives each time, though, I do like the second option more. I would love to be your guest but I'm too shy lol. I would like to have it the other way round though.
    Great idea!

    Lovely photo of your two loves. I have three myself. My hub, two monster-like boys and kitty. :) They are the world for me too. Take care Pat.

  2. Cheers Arty - anytime you don't feel shy, click my profile and send me a mail. When I have a free slot in the blog programme, I will put your article in. Even if you only want to write about your love of making fine jewellery :)
    Pat xx


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