Monday, 29 March 2010


Mia, gorgeous girlie - she's the first to be painted.

Mia was in a pound in Ireland that puts dogs to sleep after 5 days! That's all - just 5 days! You can read her story here

My Missy wouldn't have stood a chance - she was in Battersea for 2 years whilst they looked for a home for her. You can read her story here

God speed the day we humans stop seeing dogs as money makers and disposables - and in the meantime, thank Heaven for people like Pam who take on a rescue!


  1. I agree! I only adopt pound puppies! There are some shelters that have reduced me to tears. :(

  2. Aww you have got her perfectly, she does make thing difficult with her OTT tickling all over her body - I had to invent a different way of doing things to needle felt her!!
    Thankyou for including her story, and your Missy too, that was a lovely story, she is so lucky to have found you, I cant believe she was overlooked for so long! I guess she was waiting for you to be ready for her

    I totaly agree, I wish people would think more before breeding, and then realise a dog is for life so make sure you can comit to that - from bouncy puppy to old age with all the joy and heartbreak in between

  3. Thanks, Sarah, I'm very happy with the painting :)

    and thanks to all four of you with regards to rescue. They can be heartbreaking, but more heartbreaking is humans put them there in the first place. The lucky ones make it out - and we who adopt them gain so much love and joy!

    Pam said it spot on - a dog is for life - well, it should be :)


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