Saturday, 27 March 2010


Once the sea had been painted, it was the turn of the sand.

I love the seashore, such a wonderful place to visit - such a lovely place for dogs to run free.

We've been fortunate enough whenever we've taken Missy to the sea not to have encountered anyone who doesn't like dogs -though that's not everyone's experience.

We always endeavour not to let our dog be a nuisance.

Pam, who owns these two, is the same, I know :)


  1. It's all coming together well now Pat.

  2. Does look good once the background is in, doesn't it, Beryl? :)

  3. :D I love the beach, it is a 45 min drive to that one but well worth the drive.
    Loving watching this one come together, thankyou so much.

  4. It looked like a lovely beach in the photos, Pam :)

    So many people tell me they enjoy the stage by stage posts, but it must be extra special when its your dogs xx


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