Friday, 5 March 2010


On a grey day, Missy loves to play indoors.
She's not one for walking in the rain, she's miserable if you make her.

She'd much rather be indoors playing Tuggy with daddy!

She's an absolute joy of a dog. She is feisty - which you'd expect from a jack russell bitch, but she knows to stop, when we say.
In fact, before we ever played tuggy we taught Missy the command "drop".
So now we can play tuggy knowing we only need say drop and our darling girl will drop and then sit, looking at us eagerly for round two!


  1. She sure is, Beryl :) xx

  2. Yep, she's still my favourite. Tilly went swimming today in her coat - it's about 5 degrees here!

  3. Thanks, Sarah. xx

    Swimming.. Tilly's made of stern stuff! :)

  4. She is lovely
    Send her up here, its not raining and is quiet warm. I just found I can get onto the golf course here so my two have had a great run today :D
    A game of tug is great fun! I am so sad for people who dont play it with their dogs for fear they are domonating or some other daft idea!

  5. Tuggy is fun! Lost count of the silly people who say you shouldn't play it with jacks especially - erm, why not - if they're trained to drop?

    That golf course sounds lovely :)
    We are blessed with a farm at the end of our garden :)

  6. oh thank you, honey xx. She is sweet and adores to meet new people :)

  7. There's my beautiful girl--she looks like she had a blast with her daddy!

  8. She did, Sharon! She's as happy as she could be when daddy is playing games with her! xx


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