Friday, 17 September 2010

Desi IV

I loved Desi's ears - so expressive, so adorable.
They were next to be painted, along with a little shadow.

Tomorrow you will see the finished painting.


  1. Hi Pat
    I just thought I'd pop in and say a big thank you for visiting my blog, and for following too! It always makes me smile when a new face appaears :0)
    You have a lovely blog here. It's nice that you share the whole process and not just the final painting. Cute dogs too!!!

  2. Hello Sandra and welcome xx
    It makes me smile too :) Its nice to think people are interested enough to join.
    Enjoy the process - and the finished piece, tomorrow.
    I'm partial to dogs, russells in particular!

  3. Ciao Pat,sta uscendo benissimo,l'espressione,il muso e gli occhi sono fantastici,sembra reale......brava....


  4. Grazie, Francesco
    Il cane "Jack Russell" ha una faccia così espressiva, la pittura lo fa facile

    ciao, xx


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