Saturday, 25 September 2010

A Home of Their Own

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love dogs.
I am delighted whenever a rescue dog gets a chance of a new home.
I am a proud supporter of the work of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Recently a friend fell in love with this painting and asked if she could buy it:

so I asked her if she would mind buying this book for me and we would swap..

This book tells all about Battersea's 150 year history, from its humble beginnings in Holloway, through the diabolical way society treated animals at the time of Charles Dickens - and how Dickens visit and support helped turn the tide in favour of the Home.

Its a heart warming read - and best of all, all royalties go to Battersea to help further their work on behalf of homeless dogs.
Click here to buy - shop for book

And here, for those who love her, is my own Battersea girl, Missy.

Two years safe in Battersea waiting for us, they kept her that long, trying to find her a home.
Four and a half years, safe in our love.

To see Battersea's site, read their current news and see dogs available for adoption, please click the link on the right under Favourite Sites.


  1. missy's forever home was worth the wait. xx

  2. Thanks, Jeanette - very kind of you to say so xx

  3. It's so great they kept her so long before she found a new home. I hear they put animals down in some places if someone doesn't come along soon enough to adopt them. (I could be mistakened about this though).

  4. She was very fortunate indeed, Arty. :)

    Some places - usually council pounds here - will put a dog to sleep after a minimum of just seven days.. its very sad. I could shake the people who get pets, then abandon them :(

  5. Usted tiene una gran sensibilidad, en el arte y como persona

  6. gracias Leovi, por tu amable comentario muy

  7. what a cutie- and she is indeed lucky! I also love the painting- I hope to be able to loosen up my watercolors a bit, but doubt I will achieve the soft flow you have.

  8. thanks, Sheryl - and I am sure you will get the soft flow at some point - I've only got that loose this year! xx

  9. Hi Pat... I was looking for that post of Wilbur when I had to stop at this one about your dear Missy!! What a cutie she is! How grand that you found one another. Amazing how the shelter sheltered her for two years! (so glad she was born in your area of the world and not in another! In some places...well, you know very well... they do not keep the dears even two weeks...)She is just lovely. I can see why you fell in love with her!

  10. Thank you, Ann. I can't tell you how glad I am they kept her, whilst she waited for us. She was very fortunate indeed, as are we to be her guardians xx


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