Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Pears Two

Here in this first picture, you can see I have propped my drawing board up - on the sink.
This is important, because if you use pouring as a technique, it is going to be messy!
And as I am the one who clears up after myself - I try to make life easy.

I wet two thirds of the paper from left to right and poured my colour on, so it runs down the page, like so.

Then I pour my second and third colours on, so I have some contrast in my background to these pears. I haven't said which colours, but you can see roughly which - this way, if you are tempted to play along, you can use whatever you have in your palette and not be worried about having the "right" colour.

Here is what the painting looks like the right way up once it has dried - and before I do any more to it.
If you leave your painting to dry on the board, make sure the bottom of the board is dry. I had to wipe mine down with kitchen paper.

and here is how messy the kitchen sink got! So this is why I say use the sink - easiest place to clean up from afterwards.


  1. Watching your progress with great interest. Hugs xx

  2. VERY cool technique, Pat! Messy, but cool.

  3. Hi - I am certainly glad to find this. cool job!


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