Monday, 27 September 2010

Pouring The Boy King

I'm experimenting again with the pouring technique, so I get it firmly fixed in my brain. This time using a painting done some good few years back as a reference.
The original Rest In Peace, I painted many years back, when all things Tutankhamun were very popular. His mask got painted in shades of black and grey, with the only recognisable blue and gold on his face, being the tear he wept.  A tear, because he would never rest in peace.

So, here is the new drawing, complete with some masking.

At this point I don't have a definite idea of how this will turn out, but I am trying to make the effect of a sandstorm brewing up around the Boy King.


  1. I don't understand what "pouring" means, exactly. Your step by steps are very helpful though! Please keep posting and teaching! Thanks!

  2. Sorry Katherine, I should have explained. Pouring is mixing your watercolour in a little dish and literally pouring the paint onto the paper. No brushes required :)

  3. Pat- Love the idea of a sand storm! Can't wait!

  4. thanks, Sheryl :)
    Hope you enjoy seeing it happen xx

  5. This will be interesting. I have always liked Egyptian 'stuff'. I have an Egyptian quilt hanging in my Creation Station.

    I look forward to seeing this progress.

  6. Hope you enjoy it Tonya!
    Perhaps one day you'll post your Egyptian quilt on your blog for us all to see :)

  7. Hi Pat, very nice, I can not wait to see it finished, you're always very
    original in your work!
    I like it!

    See you soon

  8. Amazing work Pat. I have never tried pouring but the results are superb.
    I have been to the Egyptian museum. it's truly wonderful..Love to go back some day. The cask of Tutankhamen is awesome.

  9. Thanks, Francesco. Glad to like it now and I hope you still will when its finished!

  10. Thanks Dors, pouring was only something I started using this summer, so I am thrilled how its developing. :)


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