Saturday, 11 September 2010

Down in the Summerhouse

Now that the summerhouse is finished, that's where I paint. Its a lovely spot, sheltered from the wind, but lots of natural daylight and very warm, thanks to the fact that hubby insulated walls and floors.

Once the doors are open, Missy comes down the garden with me and watches me intently for a while - just in case I should feel the need to play basket ball with her.

Once my kit is spread out and ready, I do play ball with her - afterwards she settles down nicely.

Regardless of what I paint and how well it goes - its a lovely way to spend a few hours.

Wherever you create, I hope you get just as much pleasure from your space!

Tomorrow I will show you the painting that was created on this sunny day .


  1. Hi Missy, that sure looks a nice place to take a rest.
    See Yea George xxx

  2. It is a nice spot, George :)
    I trained mummy to put a comfy bed in there, but when its very sunny, I prefer to sleep on the cool floor!

  3. How wonderful! To paint in a place called, "The Summer House". I would be inspired just sitting there! Can't wait to see what you paint next!

  4. Thanks, Katherine. xx

    Not long to wait - you get to see the finished painting tomorrow - I didn't photograph any stages of the next one :)

  5. Pat for some reason I always leave your blog with feelings of calm.....and a bit of envy.... :) XXOO

  6. ah Jackie, its not easy being green :)

  7. Pat, what a lovely place. Exactly what any creative person paint a masterpiece or write a bestseller novel! Lucky you!

  8. Wow! what a beautiful place to paint, it seems very friendly, I want you to
    congratulations for your work, in particular find it very special "my
    Captain, "wonderful.
    Forgive my bad English, soon.

  9. Thanks Dora, Christiane and Franz.. it is a very cosy, beautiful place to paint and relax.

    and Franz - My Captain is one of my favourites!
    I appreciate you replying in English. Grazie.

  10. Pat, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I have enjoyed my browse through yours and love your wonderful paintings. I particularly love your stages you do.
    What a delightful little 'studio' you have too..

  11. Who could resist a round of 'barskieball' with that precious face staring at you. I love seeing those red Crocs in every picture -- you should paint them into one of your paintings. :O)

  12. thank you Debbie, glad you enjoyed your visit :)

  13. Not me, Marie! I can't resist that face and barskieball is what we play - without fail :)

    Red crocs in every picture? I wonder if they are trying to rule my world :lol:

  14. What a great spot. A lovely summerhouse/studio. and Missy looks like she has also made it her favourite place.

  15. A peaceful sanctuary for you both to enjoy!

  16. Thanks Dors and Beryl.
    We both surely do love it! zz


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