Monday, 13 September 2010

On a Creative Path

My mummy says she's on a creative path - that is why she paints and doodles with ink - a lot!

Me, I'm on a creative path too.. here it is..

see.. aren't I cool?

and on the days you can't decide to go left or right, take a break!

Here, I sneaked a photo of one of mummy's artistic doodlings for you all to see...


  1. What a cute little pup! Is that path in your yard? I like the doodle sketch. Nice angle of the fencepost and background.

  2. Thanks, Katherine. That path is in my garden. We bought this house a couple of years back and are gradually making the improvements to it - path included :)

  3. A good connection to you workshops, appreciated by a lovely girl.

  4. Ahh, Missy, so good to hear from you!!
    Thanks for letting us sneak a peak at your Mummy's beautiful drawing!

  5. She does love it already Beryl - she runs where the path will be - and steps over the bricks to do her business!

    Missy says, mez glad you enjoyed my blog, auntie Tonya :)

  6. Hi Missy, looks like a green brick road to me!!
    See Yea George xxx

  7. That's because it is, Gorge!
    But if you see it with the artist's eye.. it is stone and plum coloured slate edged with brick.. :)


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