Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pears Four

Now I'm removing the masking fluid.
This is where I found out using a powerful sprayer is not the best idea .
It took almost half of an eraser to remove it, as you can see!

I don't use my fingers to remove making fluid - after the time I got a blister doing just that!

Here's the painting after the mask was removed

and here it is when I have enhanced the lower half to look like marble and painted a first pale wash over the pears.

All I have to do after this stage is paint one more wash on the pears, and she's done.
You'll see the finished painting tomorrow.


  1. looks great, Pat! Thank you for learning the lesson (about spraying masking fluid) for the rest of us!

  2. You're welcome, Sheryl :)
    No point us all making the same mistake!

    I love the way the marble worked.. when I started, marble was not in my mind, but only as it progressed did I get that feel - so ran with it :)

  3. Grande Pat!! Che bel lavoro! e che colori!


  4. Grazie Francesco.
    Mi è piaciuto molto questo dipinto ad acquerello.
    Credo che mostra xx

  5. fascinating to watch your work progress. beautiful! Hugs xx

  6. Glad you're enjoying it June and think its beautiful! xx

  7. What a wonderful talent you have!!

  8. I like the results you've achieved - it reminds me a bit of batik.

    Jane x

  9. thanks, Jane - it is a bit like batik at this stage, but the final stage reminds me more of glass pears :)
    See what you think tomorrow :)


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