Saturday, 18 September 2010


here he is - the finished Desi.

I can only hope this humble painting can bring as much comfort to Barbi, as she has brought to so many dogs in need.

It will be added to my permanent gallery site, Pat Elliott Paintings, as a lasting tribute.


  1. What a lovely dog Desi must have been and so well painted Pat.

  2. Very nice! I missed the beginning story about how you came to be painting Desi, but it sounds like you've done a kind and loving thing for somebody with this painting. Thanks for the advice and the reply. I'm going to get my watercolors today!! Excited!

  3. Good job, Pat! You've captured the lively, intelligent expression of a Jack Russell!

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  5. Pat, beautifully painted. I love the intelligent look that you have conveyed. I am sure this will be a treasured painting.

  6. Thanks, everyone xx
    Your lovely comments have rounded off a lovely day beautifully ! :)

  7. I love his markings. I am sure he is bringing wonderful memories as mine is every time I look up at his painting.


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