Friday, 9 July 2010

Ben's Story

Ben is a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, owned by Lynne and Stuart.
They adore him - and when Ben sustained a sudden onset spinal injury, which left his back legs paralysed - they pulled out all the stops to get him better.

To read all about Ben, canine spinal injury, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy -then click here

Keep following the blog as I post the stage by stage to the painting of Ben.


  1. Another well loved, beautiful dog. A very moving, real life story, telling of the care within Ben's family.
    He's beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Beryl. xx

    It is a very moving story - Ben's family are awesome. They've seen him through thick and thin! xx

  3. Big baby that I am, I was afraid to read Ben's story,but I gathered up my courage and read it. Oh, my goodness, he and his family are sweethearts. I love the photo of Ben and his sister (the cat) cuddled up on the couch together. I look forward to seeing the stages of your painting of Ben.

    By the way, I saw a painting you did of someone walking Missy down a country road. It's a lovely painting!

  4. Candy, I am sure that Ben's family will be thrilled to read your comment. Thank you xx

    That was my hubby Paul walking Missy.. on one of our country trips, when we used to live in London.
    Now we live in the country, I have more pics of her in fields :)
    Glad you loved the painting xx

  5. So glad that Ben made a good recovery. I look forward to watching your painting develop... take WIP's as you paint!

  6. Wonderful that he recovered, isn't it ?

    Photos have been done at stages :)

  7. Thanks everyone and A big thank you to Pat - its interesting to see how you start Pat and to follow it through to conclusion. Another fantastic painting. Much love from us all xxx


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