Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jack Russells .. the facts

Jack Russells are full of energy and always on the go..... FACT.

When jacks take a break, they like comfort and luxury... FACT

Hubby's birthday present was a digital slr... so he took these pics and I swiftly pinched them for my blog.
Hope you enjoyed them.


  1. I love them Pat and belated birthday greetings to Paul.

  2. Lovely -aren't they, Beryl :)
    The twirly one makes me smile and the bed one makes me "aah".

    Actually - its early birthday greetings, because it was an early present. His birthday is in August :)

  3. Fact...Missy and Stephen are alot alike, I think.

    We are using Amy's nice digital SLR, although I'd rather she get back into using it! Does Paul enjoy going out to hunt photo opp's?

  4. Play hard, sleep hard..but not long!

    Paul loves photography, he used to have an slr before the digi age... and we've been waiting for the digi ones to be more affordable. He's joining a camera club in Sept, so lots of going out just to take pics :)

  5. Cute photos, Pat! I noticed a Conehead photo from a previous post. My sister has a t-shirt with a little dog wearing a cone. The shirt says, "It's all fun and games until someone winds up in a cone."

  6. thanks, Candy xx
    She's such a love, we adore her.
    She hated her cone, but necessary to stop her licking her stitches to bits!

  7. thanks Sheryl - that's the one that makes me smile! xx

  8. Great fotos, just says it all perfectly

    I look forward to seeing loads more
    - so tempted with the idea of a better camera!!

  9. Thanks, Pam xx

    They are great pics - and I've seen more and better!
    It really was a great buy if you love taking pictures :)

  10. What a bundle of energy! I have two cats that love to laze around in the sun and supervise while I'm working in the office/studio. Nice 'n easy is their motto!

  11. Maybe if we were in your climate, Teresa, Nice and easy would be Missy's motto - but then again - maybe not :) xx


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