Friday, 30 July 2010


Missy has a second name -and that is MissyChief.

Her second name came about a few months after we adopted her, because there grew in her eyes a certain twinkle - a mischief that delighted our hearts to see.

Now she is also the Chief, because whenever we are doing any work around the house, she has to check to see what we're doing.

Its really very funny, its as if she is indeed a supervisor!

And once she's checked it out, she can relax!


  1. So good of Missy to make sure that everything gets done properly!

  2. AH Missychief ~~ always photogenic, always giving us a smile.... :)

  3. I can see she has quite made herself an important part of the family... and has you both wrapped around her little paw!

  4. Thanks all - she is a much loved member of this family :)

  5. You'd never get a task completed without her help Pat,


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