Thursday, 15 July 2010

Summer ShowStoppers 2

The first stage is to wet the paper.
After that I dropped in two separate mixes, one of alizarin crimson and one of transparent yellow.
This in my mind fixes the background and the flowers as two separate entities.

The hardest part of doing this stage is to walk away and leave the painting alone, whilst the whole thing dries.
If you don't do that, you run the risk of ruining your work.


  1. So, you just put the whole paper down in a mixture? It looks like there is only color on the background and not the flowers. How do you do that if you are color washing the whole paper?

  2. How you do it, is just to drop the colour in certain areas .. experience tells you how far it will run. So I drop my colour that it won't run into where the white of the flowers will be. It can run into the topmost petals -that's ok - but whites I want to stay white.

  3. I admire your patience Pat. I wish I was patient enough.

    All the best for a happy Thursday :)

  4. I never used to be patient, Arty - painting has taught me sometimes you must be!

    You have a great day too xx

  5. Excellent start, Pat! I like the soft colors of the background.

  6. Beautiful soft background. I love wet in wet for backgrounds... creates such a nice contrast with a the more defined focal points.

  7. Pat, I need to learn to walk away like you!

  8. Thanks, Christiane, Teresa and Dora. xx

    The background is very soft, on purpose to contrast with the flowers - which are indeed defined, as you guessed, Teresa :)

    and walking away - you do learn it Dora, unless you want to keep spoiling your pricey Arches paper :lol:


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