Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Summer Break.. or not?

The art group I go to every week is now on summer break.
Which means we won't meet again until September.

Some people in that break won't paint at all and some like me will.
I like to find one book and practice a few pieces from it.
This year my book is printed by North Light and is winging its way to me across the pond.

Whilst I am waiting for it to arrive, I decided to try painting without doing any drawing - and what's more to do it outside from life and only take 20 minutes per piece.I'm hoping this will teach me to be more selective in my brushstrokes and less intimidated of painting en plein aire.

The first piece I painted was in my garden - an ornamental blue pumpkin.

My question for you is - do you take a summer break from your art?
Do you feel better or worse by being away from your craft?
Or do you take time to try to improve one particular aspect of your work?

Whilst you're thinking, here's the pumpkin.


  1. I go through seasons with my craft, as I go through seasons with life. Sometimes life gets in the way of my craft, but I don't allow my craft to get in the way of life!

    Currently, life is pretty in the way. (But it's a good life.) I did allow it to put a big dent in my creativity, but I am coming out of that. I keep a pad of paper to jot down ideas to create when the seasons change and I can spend a bit more time in my creation station than I do now.

  2. Its funny Tonya, creating art is such an integral part of my life, I can't imagine not creating!
    We still have other things going on, of course we do - but creating is my space and refuge, a place to get refreshed :)

    I'm glad for you that you have kept a sketch book of ideas - I look forward to seeing them come to life :)

  3. I'm like Tonya, sometimes I just don't have the time to work on anything. I do keep ideas & drawings jotted down for when I do have the time. I currently working through a sewing 'to-do' list I made before my 2nd son was born, 9 months ago. I'm just finally feeling like I'm putting a dent in it! So the answer to your question is, no, I don't intentionally take a summer vacation from my crafting. :)

  4. I imagine with children its very hard to plan time for arts and crafts.. and jotting down ideas for a to do list is a good way to keep the flame alive in your head xx

  5. Much as I like to consider myself a dedicated, disciplined, professional artist, summer always throws me off course! There are just so many delightful distractions - like the garden, social activities, family visits, etc. that my productivity goes way down. As my husband said, "In summer we do other things." I do still paint most days, but my time in the studio is shorter. I think that's a good thing - balance in my life.

    I think it's great, Pat, that you are trying new things. What a perfect thing to do in the summer! Do you really have blue pumpkins?

  6. Hello and welcome, Judy xx

    You're right of course, summer is very tempting due to the great outdoors. Having a dog who needs walking means I do outdoors even in the winter :lol:

    As to the blue pumpkin - its a garden ornament. It is glazed pottery. I just loved it when I first saw it :)

  7. Pat,
    I have a full-time non-artistic job with only 3-4 weeks off a year. I try to always have a watercolor project in progress, even in the summer...or especially in the summer when I tend to be a bit less busy at work. Year-round, I paint mostly weekends, but do my sketching and other preparatory work weekday evenings.

    Good for you that you keep painting even over the summer...the regular creativity is a must for me also.

    I was relieved to read that your blue pumpkin is a garden ornament:-) I hope that your painting book makes it safely to your mailbox very soon.

  8. I can imagine that your painting Christiane is a welcome relief from the routine of the day job.
    I myself, am fortunate to only have to work part time now; so the rest of the time, I can paint.

    I bet it was a relief to read the blue pumpkin was an ornament - you wouldn't want to eat something that shade ! :lol:

  9. I'm trying to be more creative on a daily basis but I'll have to say, this little vacation we took sure threw me off course! Like you, I find that working several pieces from one book (or several if I'm on some type of theme) is very helpful. I'm curious... which book did you order?

  10. I'd have gone off course for that lovely holiday too :) And its not really off course, you got some lovely photos that you can paint - so it was more research :lol:

    The book? North Lights Big Book of painting watercolour flowers.


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