Friday, 23 July 2010

Sweet Mollie

Sometimes I paint a picture and I don't stop from beginning to end.
Especially if I am learning a new technique, as I was with this painting.

I was trying to put the sunflower technique of drop and mop to good use, in this painting of a zinnia.

So no step by step to tantalise or inform you, just the finished painting:

Sweet Mollie

This painting will be added to my permanent gallery site
Pat Elliott Paintings


  1. Great colors and technique! You win Pat! LOL

  2. Every once in a while it is nice not to be teased. But, the teasing is fun too. Very pretty.

  3. Love it. I like this technique. Well done.

  4. Thanks, Dora, Tonya and Dors,
    I'm pretty pleased with it :)

  5. Pat, what a wonderful painting you have created with this technique. Congratulations, it is gorgeous.

  6. Hi Pat, I cant stop admiring your flowers especially, they are all so spontaneous and full of life, this one amazes me with respect to the flow of color and your soft brush strokes! All the best!

  7. Thanks Christiane, glad you think its wonderful. xx

    Thank you, Padmaja - and welcome to my blog. xx
    I am pleased you find my flowers so attractive, just reading your comment made me smile :)


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