Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Country Girl

When we first adopted Missy we were living in the suburban sprawl that is London. We had an Essex postcode but a London phone number.. and truthfully, it was more London than not - though we had some very large green spaces nearby.

We were told Missy was really more suited to a semi rural location, but the green spaces swung it for us.

However, since we've moved further out, Missy has become a country girl for sure.

Now when she wants to sleep on a nice day, the lure of the great outdoors tugs at her.
Its lovely to see a dog who was in rescue kennels for two years enjoying the great outdoors.

My Country Girl...


  1. I am fairly sure she thinks she's in heaven!

  2. She does indeed look wonderfully happy. :o)

  3. She's so sweet. I love terriers.

  4. Thanks, Sharon and Candy. She is a sweet, happy girl - and terriers - they're the best!

  5. That's so nice, Pat. Glad you gave a second chance and a whole new life to Missy. Good for you!


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