Saturday, 24 July 2010

Colours, cameras and computers.

Anyone of a nervous disposition should come back tomorrow - today I am having a rant :lol:

Photographs.. I love them.

Cameras.. they capture the moment, for which I am grateful... but why oh why Fuji when I upgraded the camera did you downgrade the editing program? I wanted to be able to crop and manually adjust - and you took that away. I am very disappointed in you. The next camera may well not be a Fuji. So there!

Enter Windows Live photo gallery.. wonderful programme that I can crop and edit and manually adjust so that I get something pretty much resembling my art. I can email pics and even change from the mega sizes to smaller ones in the click of a button.

All is well in my world.

For a year.

Then something goes wrong and I can no longer save any adjustments that I make to a photo. I scour the help pages, I read the Microsoft forums. Its a free programme, they don't care to fix it in any big rush.
Shame on you, I'm going elsewhere and I'm swapping to Firefox. So there!

Enter the Dragon.. whoops, wrong post.. Enter Roxio Photo Suite, enter Picasa.. and now I am learning TWO whole new photo editing suites, just to be able to reproduce something resembling my art.

Oh Roxio, I love the amount of elements I can change using you - I hate the fact each change has its own page! Bye, bye, Roxi...

Picasa, Picasa, so beautiful.. until I upload the pics somewhere else - then the photo which looked so beautiful comes out dull.. bye, bye, Picasa.

I'm off to buy Adobe Photoshop Elements.. perhaps with photo editing, you do really get what you pay for!

Colours.. who'd have 'em?


  1. I have live gallery too, it's still working for me TG! I've tried some of the other ones also. The thought of "vectors" puts my head in a tail spin!!!!!! LOL Good luck!

  2. mine stopped working after the latest batch of MS updates. Incredibly annoying.

    I'm quite enjoying Photoshop though, so far its doing what it says on the tin :lol:

  3. We have Photoshop Elements, but it is just one more thing to learn. Amy used to do all my photography, and could whip up something quick in Elements.
    Now I am going to try Picnik. I am going to add a watermark or something to all my photos from now on I think.
    p.s. I didn't like Picasa either.

  4. Elements is good Tonya - I'd try and learn it :)
    I did try Piknik too, but can't remember what feature I didn't like..

    I had a word with a friend of mine who's a real computer whiz and he said, most people can get by a watermark either by cropping or cloning one section over your mark, so it disappears.
    Right click protect stops the basic user, but is no deterrent to anyone who is clued up on these things.
    Sadly, whatever you do to protect, someone will take delight in getting round it. :(

  5. Hi Pat,

    I think you'll like Photoshop Elements. I use Photoshop (I'm a graphic designer by trade) and love it. If I can help you in any way, email me.

    BTW: How do you like the flower book you ordered? I just ordered two dvd's on painting flowers. Haven't received them yet.. hoping one of them will come in today.

  6. thanks, Teresa - that is so kind of you!
    So far, I have got cropping and auto adjust in my head - I am sure when I have the time next month, I will get more to grips with it.

    The flower book is wonderful.. I am enjoying it - and at the end of this week I take a whole month off, so I am sure more flower paintings will be in the offing!

  7. I've tried Picasa, Picnik, they make me crazy! Been using Microsoft photo head is going to pop!

  8. I have a feeling Dora, that Photoshop is going to be the last and best. Please God :)


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