Sunday, 4 July 2010

Clematis - the next stage

Here's the next stage in my clematis.

I've removed the masking and painted the first washes on the flowers.
There are some more details to paint on the flowers, more dark greens to go into the foliage and the foreground leaves and the rusty structure to paint.
Then she'll be done :)


  1. I know you and greenery don't get along, but I think you do a wonderful job! I think it's pretty, and the rusted whatchamacallit will look nice!

  2. Thanks Tonya!
    I should stop saying that about greens because I do ok with them. I think its just one of the things I absorbed at art club - most of the older dears there have a dread of greens :)

    Glad you think its looking pretty xx

  3. Glad I'm not one of your 'older dears'!!

  4. :lol at Beryl - you're not in my art group, so you can't be :)

  5. ...But you'd probably include me there if I was.

  6. nah, I've never heard you moan about greens when we've painted together - and we've painted some greens too!

  7. That's true Pat and enjoyed mixing them too!


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