Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lion Painting

In the forum I belong to - Painting Friends - Cindi posted a photo we could all use as a basis for a painting.

The photo was taken in the Wildlife Animal Park in San Diego.

This series will follow how I made the painting, step by step.

I hope you enjoy it.

First off, a drawing, complete with masking (the blue line) to stop any paint running onto the lion when I paint the rocks in a loose and runny fashion.

Then I paint the under wash for the rocks, using various colours to capture the feeling of the coloured rock.


  1. Thank you Pat for sharing this Step By Step. I will be watching with great interest.

    Looking great so far.

  2. Yes, thank you. I find each step fascinating!

  3. Yes, Pat, thank you for sharing. It is so interesting to see how an artist develops a painting.

  4. This is fascinating Pat. Love the way the lion
    seems to be sheltering beneath a 'blue blanket' at this stage.

  5. Glad you're all enjoying it :)
    That makes me happy :)


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