Monday, 15 November 2010

and a couple of bookmarks

Here are a couple of bookmarks I made for friends.
Photos taken before they were laminated.


  1. So beautiful, Pat! Your project interests me a lot: I also make bookmark for me and my family (soon I am posting them on my blog, too), but I never thought of laminating them... how do you do this? do you make them laminating by a stationery? Thank you, ciao!

  2. Thanks, Cristina xx

    I do go to a stationery shop with a few bookmarks and ask them to laminate them for me. It protects them and saves them from fingerprints and from smudging. Prolongs their life too :) xx

  3. These are great Pat! These would make great teacher gifts.

  4. They would, wouldn't they, Gretchen?
    I actually think they're a great little gift for any time, not just Christmas :) xx

  5. What lovely Christmas drawings. Love the book marks. I agree they make lovely gifts. We should all get back to making gifts. They have so much meaning

    Lovely work Pat.

  6. Thanks Dors. I agree with the handmade gifts, I love to receive them from my craft minded friends. xx

  7. So pretty...
    Your talent just amazes me!
    PS Thanks for your kind words about Edward - he really has landed on his feet!

  8. Thanks, Ann.
    Edward is just so lucky - - all his Christmases have come at once, I know :)

  9. Well done Pat, they look very nice indeed. Ciao!

  10. You have a terrific variety of subjects on your blog Pat. I never know what to expect but know I always enjoy your postings.

  11. Thanks, Beryl - very kind of you to say so :) xx

  12. Geniale Pat! Che idea,complimenti!

    Ciao,buona serata!!

  13. Thanks Francesco.
    Feel free to try them yourself . They are 8inches by 2inches and once they are painted, get them laminated.
    If you know anyone who still reads books - they will love them :) xx

  14. I bet it is very hard to paint something only 2 inches wide!!!
    These are very pretty.

  15. It is a bit difficult, Tonya - I can't do all subjects - just a select few and very loose!
    Glad you like them xx


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