Thursday, 11 November 2010


 Armistice Day - Remembrance Day:

At the Eleventh hour, of the Eleventh Day, of the Eleventh month -  Armistice.
We remember them, with a two minute silence.

For my Grandfather, mustard gassed in the Great War.
We were fortunate that he lived, although his life was shortened. He passed away when I was six years old.

For all who suffered and fell in that war and all the wars after -

 We remember. 


  1. Pat, this beautiful flower is a nicest tribute to all the fallen of the Great War. Ciao!

  2. It's been heartwarming to see so many people observing the two minutes silence today.

    This tribute of remembrance made, for all our fallen soldiers

  3. It certainly has been good to see xx

  4. Hello Pat, Thanks for your visit & your kind words:)
    What a lovely post u have there. Very touching...
    Those flowers are just perfect.

  5. thank you, Aksharaa.
    I loved my grandad very much. xx

  6. Beautiful artwork. We are celebrating Veterans Day here in the US. We will remember all Veterans of all Wars all over the World.


  7. Thank you Pat for sharing this, it's lovely. Thank you to all the the men and women who love their countries and serve.

  8. What a lovely painting of remembrance!
    That is sad about your grandfather.
    We need to teach the next generations of the sacrifices that have been made.

  9. Thank you, Tonya.
    Mustard gas caused dreadful suffering, attacking the lungs. Somehow my grandad remained cheerful though he suffered. I wish he'd been around for longer xx

  10. This is wonderful Pat! So soft and beautiful :0) Poppy's are my favourite flower. I have almost finished painting some poppy's myself too, though in a very different style to this and using acrylics. I hope to get a chance to finish them in the morning and post over the weekend :0)

  11. Thank you Sandra.
    Shall look forward to seeing your poppies xx


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