Friday, 5 November 2010

FM 4

I decided to incorporate a few of the techniques I had learned recently.
In this stage you can see the marbled top , which I originally learned to paint in my painting of the pears - The Three Muses.

I did start to paint a few of the lumpy bits on the gourd, but stopped, so I could photograph the marble stage!


  1. You have so many different techniques that you use. That marble looks complex...and it looks hard to paint AFTER the subject. Sometimes background first, sometimes subject first...interesting to watch!

  2. Pat- the marbling looks awesome! Really makes the gourd stand out also-

  3. Thanks Tonya.. techniques, you get used to them and then they aren't so hard. Like Quilting, I expect! :)

  4. Thanks, Sheryl - glad you like it. The marble is something I really like :)


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