Thursday, 4 November 2010

FM 3

here I've painted the mid section, using a beautiful cadmium yellow.

All the paints I use are Winsor and Newton Artists Quality.
The paper is usually Arches Aquarelle Rough - but this one was painted on a Strathmore watercolour pad, given to me as a gift.


  1. I'm curious to see it finished ......
    Good day Pat ...


  2. Morning Francesco!
    You're up and here before me this morning :)
    Saturday, the painting will be finished !
    And I have a new one I painted at art club last night. Another one that took just an hour and a half :)
    Right, off to check who posted yesterday evening . You have a great day, Francesco! xx

  3. See that little white spot towards the bottom?
    It looks like a smiling mouth. Then the warts just above make his nose. His yellow mask makes him look ornery!

    LOL--sometimes I am a bit childlike in my thinking.

  4. We're the same, Tonya - I usually see dogs in my paintings where I had not intentionally painted them - so a face is cool!
    Indeed, one forum I belonged to , they used to play, "find the hidden dog" in my paintings :lol:

  5. Looking good, Pat! Also, thanks for your tip about photographing large watercolors on the floor!

  6. Thanks, Sheryl - and you're most welcome! xx


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