Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Oldies Club

Not so long ago, I painted a picture of Monty

his owner and I colluded -  she sponsored an Oldie Dog as a gift for me, at my request.

The Oldies Club is a network of volunteers who do their best to find new homes for some of our older canine friends, who find themselves homeless at a time in their life when they should be enjoying the warmth of a fire and a family's love.

We are honoured to have helped, in some small way.

Here is a link to the Oldies Club, should you like to read about them and ways you may be able to help.

The Oldies Club


  1. What a neat organization!

    Every time I adopt I go to the local pound and purposely walk through looking for a dog that others might not adopt. Our DAWG wasn't old; but he was very very large and wasn't a cute puppy.

    The sad thing is; people adopt these cute puppies...then they end up right back there or dumped on the street somewhere because they are too much work. Or if they do adopt an older dog...they suddenly can't afford medicines or vet bills for them.

    It is all so maddening!

  2. They are a great Club, aren't they?

    We adopted our Missy from Battersea she was 8 years old - like you we went for an overlooked girl. She was there 2 years, waiting. She could have appeared on the Oldies club as her age was right.
    We have insurance in case she needs medical treatment, but she has only needed that once in the last 5 years!

    I can't imagine how the poor dogs must feel, put out of their home, because they are old.

    It is all such a shame and reflects badly on us as humans, I think.

  3. A really nice post and a wonderful cause- we are all getting old!

  4. Thanks, Sheryl - and we are indeed! I have no idea where all the years went! :lol:

  5. That is truly a fantastic idea. Bravo! And I do love that mug of Monty's. :)

  6. You've got great character in the dog's face Pat. I like the way you've played with the simple shapes that make up his head.


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