Friday, 12 November 2010

A present for Missy

There was a knock at the door - and there stood one of my neighbours.

I had helped her with her website and blog, so she, knowing the way to my heart, bought a present for Missy!
You can see her website here
The Rocking Horse Sanctuary

and her blog here

The gifts..

This one smells good!

 a Ball onna Rope! What fun

 Let's throw it at mummy and watch her duck!

haha,  very funny, Missy!


  1. How adorable!! Missy sure looks happy!
    Please visit me at my site today - I've posted pictures of our newest animal love!

  2. She is a happy little love :)
    On my way over :) xx

  3. Watch out Mum!!
    "Ha! Gotcha!" I bet she says.
    I'm off to look at the blog. I do love their carousel horses!

  4. She smiles and laughs so much, Tonya - I can't possibly be cross with her! xx

  5. She does look so happy all the time. I love the one where she's sniffing the biscuit! It looks like she really is trying to decide which bite to take first.

  6. She was deciding - but both went quick enough! :) zz

  7. Your missy is so darling. :) And what wonderful gifts to get! What a nice neighbor you have.

  8. Thanks Crystal, we think she's darling too :)
    and yes, the village neighbours are lovely! xx

  9. Sempre divertente vedere la felicità di Missy quando riceve un regalo!

    Ciao Pat :-)

  10. Thanks, Francesco - toys and treats always make her even more happy than usual :) xx

  11. She certainly is, Gretchen - as are we to have her! xx

  12. Very cute Pat. I bet she loved the snacks. Happy weekend!


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