Monday, 8 November 2010


Today I received a great surprise in the mail!

One of my blogging friends,  Tonya, sent me a card.

Here  it is

I'm truly blessed to have made such friends.

and here's a link to Tonya's blog :

Hillbilly Handiworks


  1. Buongiorno Pat,è bello ricevere sorprese!
    Ho visitato il Blog della tua amica e mi sono iscritto!

    Ciao,buona giornata!


  2. That's so sweet! The power of a handmade card is immense, isn't it? You have a wonderful friend who knew that! I just noticed your Flickr panel in the sidebar. What gadget did you use for that?

  3. Thanks, Francesco - it was a lovely surprise - and you are so kind to follow my friend's blog. I know she will appreciate it! xx

  4. It was so very sweet, Katherine. Gave me a warm glow when I opened it :)

    The flickr sidebar came from the add a gadget function. Click Design top right of toolbar, click add a gadget and go through "more gadgets" not "most popular". Its in there, somewhere! (there are about 2000 gadgets to choose from.)

  5. How lovely Pat! There are so many nice people in the world, we're lucky to be friends with some of them! :-)

  6. Completely agree, Dora!
    Sometimes I think there are more nice people than we realise! xx

  7. I am glad that you liked your little surprise. I think I might need that google translate tool now as a couple of your very kind friends are now following my blog!

    Hugs xx

  8. I loved it Tonya!
    There are indeed some very nice people in the blog world. Enjoy having followers from around the world! :) xx

  9. Making new connections here in blogland is what it's all about...and then to find such nice surprises in our mail, in among those boring old bills and flyers...well that's just the best!

    Nice to meet you, stop by if you've the time! My 'screen' door is always open to creative types!

    ciao bella!


  10. Thanks, Carmelina, nice to meet you too.
    Will be right over :) xx

  11. How awesome is that?! That's just so nice and what a cool looking card. :)

  12. Isn't it Crystal - completely awesome ! xx

  13. Wow, Pat- first the thoughtful card, then so many fun comments! Great way to start the week!

  14. I know, Sheryl, its really quite lovely! xx


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