Saturday, 13 November 2010

Creating a Path

Its the build up towards the holiday season, so some of the painting I have been doing, I cannot show you, because they are Christmas presents. And I am not one for spoiling surprises!

So here instead, you can see how creative I am being in my garden.

When we knocked down the old decrepit sheds, we found behind, some 400 bricks and numerous broken pieces of paving.
Rather than throw these away, we decided to recycle them when we made the paths in the garden.

Here's my little helper, checking out the quality of the materials

and here she's making sure there are no creepy crawlies or mice to make me scream...

and now she's wondering what I'm doing

and here is the first part of the path laid out.

More will be done as the weather allows.
Once the path is complete, I can go back to painting in the studio. Right now I do not want to be treading mud into the beautiful studio. So for now, I am painting at my old friend, the dining table.


  1. Grande aiutante Missy!!
    Visto? si assicura che non ci siano pericoli per te.......
    Brava Missy!:-)

    Ciao Pat,buona giornata!

  2. She's a great help, Francesco - don't know what I'd do without her! :)
    You have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Thank you, Makavetis. Glad to know you enjoyed it xx

  4. I love what you did and how lucky to find all those bricks.

    I love to recycle too and find its a joy when I do find another purpose for something that I would have just toss out.


  5. Thanks, Willow.
    It would have been a dreadful waste to just throw these out. And if the artist in me couldn't make something from them, perhaps I should give up! :lol:

  6. I love your path, Pat! It looks so inviting and creative! So glad you could use them!

  7. What a fine helper! She picked the perfect pieces for the path. I bet you miss your studio!

  8. I do, Tonya - like I miss the summer too! :lol:


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