Sunday, 14 November 2010

A few more cards

Today I thought I'd show you a few more of the cards I've painted.

All for Christmas and soon to be in the mail !


  1. They're wonderful! Do you make up sentiments to write inside them? or leave them blank?
    I need you to paint something "Candy"ish to go with the first theme of The LIttle Art Club, please.
    I'd love to have your work there!

  2. All very nice, but to me the candle is fantastic! Ciao Pat.

  3. As the cards are going to friends, I do try to write something personal inside, Katherine. :)
    Will pop over and look at the Art Club blog later today xx

  4. Grazie, Tito! I'm quite impressed with the flame! ciao xx

  5. My favorite is the candle! Awesome Pat! This will be my first Christmas in bloggy-land and I can't wait to see what festive art arises!

  6. Thanks Sandra. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas xx

  7. Your friends will be happy and proud to have these cards hand-painted by you, they are delicious, Pat!

  8. it's very nice, Pat! I love hand painted cards so much :)

  9. They are wonderful. The recipients will be so happy to get them, I am sure...each made just for them!

  10. Actually they are made completely for each individual, Tonya.
    The first is for a Christian committed to helping our animal brethren, the second for a community worker who shows love by her deeds, the third for a family who have just had their firstborn and the last for a dear lady who is going through suffering, before she gets to the glory stage xx

  11. Hi Pat,

    thankyou so much for your kind words on my blog..
    it's a day by day thing with the hound, but he has tremmendous painkillers that make him sweeter than he ever was... we are all enjoying every hour...



  12. Glad to hear the painkillers are helping him. *hugs*
    Enjoying every hour is something we should all do, regardless xx


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