Thursday, 25 November 2010

Stage 2

I started by laying down an under - colour on the Tiger.
For this I used a Sunshine Yellow.

I intend to blend another colour on top of it, to give a truer tiger colouring.


  1. Beginning to look good Pat. Hope you are feeling better. I'll have to google what Inktense pencils are.

  2. Thanks, Nora. xx
    The antibiotics are beginning to work, hoping to be back to normal by Sunday xx

  3. Hello pat,
    We are so sorry we havn't been visiting u much. We are trying to catch up much as we can.
    Loved your Field of dreams painting. And this tiger is coming along wonderfully.

    have a lovely Thanksgiving day.Hugs and wags to Missy,
    buddy, ginger, shadow n mummy too

  4. Thank you all!
    Hope Shadow is settling in well xx


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