Sunday, 28 November 2010

Stages 5 & 6

Just for my impatient followers - you know who you are - you are going to get two stages today :)

Both background , firstly the under layer of yellow and then the top layers of field green, teal blue and indigo.

 I need to do some darker tones in the background. That will be next and then I think it'll be finished. That should be tomorrow.


  1. I love to follow your stages of work Pat. Love this one too. xx

  2. Questa Tigre è magnifica,vediamo domani coma la finisci! Sembra assopita,ma è sempre molto temibile!
    Che animale meraviglioso.....

    Ciao Pat,buona domenica!

  3. I hope you enjoy the finished picture, Francesco!
    He does seem as if he is contemplating - I thought maybe dreaming of home, but perhaps he is thinking what his next move should be!

    have a blessed Sunday xx

  4. Wow!! Is getting better and better! Let see tomorrow! Ciao Pat!

  5. Thanks Tito! Hope you still enjoy him tomorrow! xx

  6. Beautiful colors and textures. Your tiger is gorgeous!

  7. Very nice, Pat! His coat is beautiful!

  8. Glad you're liking him, Sheryl :) xx

  9. Another awesome job! I like what you've done in the background. Thanks for occasionally catering to your impatient follower. xx

  10. hahaha, you're welcome Tonya - hope you enjoy the finished one -coming up soon xx


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