Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Certain Style

There are many watercolour techniques and many different styles.
There are some paintings where you can tell instantly who painted them.
Is that you? Do you have a certain style?

Or are you searching for a style or technique which suits you - and when you find it will you stick to it, like glue?

I don't know that my paintings are instantly recognisable as mine; or that they conform to a style.. I think I'm still experimenting and learning and enjoying the variety.


  1. It was a pleasure to have a whole row of your paintings to look at one after the other - I must say, I was particularly impressed by the way you painted the hands - and the boots too. I think you are similar to me in that I am searching for a style and I just haven't found it yet! Maybe it's because I use several different mediums and I am still quite new to art. I think I would get bored if I stuck to one style only and one medium. I like variety and choice :0)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the paintings, Sandra.
    I'm not sure either of us is looking for a certain style.. I love learning new techniques, but just like you, love variety. I don't think either of us would like to be painting in one style, forever.

  3. Paintings look great...I think my subject matter is recognizable but I think I change my style quite often, maybe I have a recognizable group of styles. Probably the viewer thinks I paint'em all the same because I am told I have a recognizable style quite regularly or that the paintings are recognizable as mine. Maybe there's a difference between recognizable style and recognizable as mine...who knows?

  4. Thanks, Ron.
    I'd agree your subject matter is recognisable, but the techniques and atmosphere you use to paint them changes.
    Maybe a non painting viewer won't make that distinction.

  5. What a treat to see your paintings all lined up there! Such beautiful work you do. I guess I'd say I have a style, it's hard to say that about your own work. But I think I do, after lots of years trying to paint like someone else or painting the way I think I should I now paint the way it feels right to me. :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog Pat. It was great to stop by here also and see what you have been painting. My but you are prolific! As for style i think i have several and wonder if i should not try to stick to one so the paintings i do are more recognizable. Hmmmm! I love whimsy but also like to do more serious pieces. My subject matter is ever changing too. Sometimes i wish i just painted trees! Other times i want to paint everything. Hope you are well and having lots of pleasant painting days. ross

  7. Thanks for the compliment Crystal. I feel the same when I look at your work - its beautiful.
    Having followed your blog for a little while, I see in your work clarity and luminosity as a trademark - not a particular way of painting.

  8. Hello and welcome, Ross.
    I like it - several styles! :)
    Recognisable every painting - wouldn't that feel too safe, don't you think?
    Happy painting days to you too xx

  9. Hi Pat, first of all your paintings - a nice little selection, you must have been busy! The hen picture is easily your best work here in my opinion (so colourful and fresh, though I'm not sure the splattering fits in), while the boots are marvelous. Also I like your negative shapes in the rose painting.

    There doesn't seem to be any particular style to this set, more a selection of styles you use. A lot of the great artists in history are famous for their style, so maybe it is good to stick to one or two. I have several different styles that I flit between, but sometimes it can be very exciting to discover something new. Eventually, I guess one of my styles will predominate, but for now I am just playing around!

  10. Hi Frank!
    These paintings haven't all been done recently - sorry if I gave that impression. They've all been done in the last two years - and the reason I've picked them to show was that each one has been hailed as my best ever! It really is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it?

    I'm with you, no particular style predominates - and I too am enjoying playing around :) xx

  11. I see a style to your work, for sure! I have struggled with this topic as well. I'm always wondering if I should focus on a certain subject or paint a certain way. I have found that some of my paintings do have a certain look, but not all of them. I think I will try to focus on that "one thing" that makes my paintings "mine". But I don't want to limit myself. You have fabulous work that definitely have your mark on them!

  12. Gosh, do you , Gretchen? I can't see one myself. Perhaps that's a good thing.

    You have wondered the same as I - should we focus on one way?
    I can't see you ever being limited, you produce such beautiful diverse work :) xx

  13. Ciao Pat,sono tutti meravigliosi e secondo me con stili diversi,il tratto del disegno si riconosce è il tuo,la pennellata sembra che cambi.
    Per questo per me sei una MAESTRA nel campo dell'acquerello!
    Vorrei riuscire a dipingere un pò di tutto come fai tu........dovrò studiare molto!!

    Ciao e scusa se ho scritto in Italiano,nella tua lingua non ci sarei riuscito:-)))

  14. Golly, Francesco - you are too kind.
    Maestra? I feel like a learner still. With every painting I learn a little more.

    In your paintings, I see "Francesco" written in every tree you paint, so distinctive are they. Written large in each of your paintings is the love of the Island.
    My apologies to you,also :) My Italian is too poor to write of love of one's home and country in brush strokes and words. Ciao xx

  15. Pat, I don't think that the paintings here all have the same style- I think that our style evolves all the time. I have to admit that when you paint Missy, I know that you are the one who painted her! For the rest, you paintings are wonderful whether they look "branded" or not.
    I don't think that I have one style - I like series and works within a series may have a similar style...But a Chris Kingsley style? I don't see it.

  16. When I saw the title of this post, I thought I was going to see a photo of Missy wearing a hat like a female doggy version of Frank Sinatra - kind of tilted over one eye. That would have been nice, but I have to say I love all of the paintings you shared here. I especially like the boots and "Rescue Me".

  17. That's interesting Chris, because I have had a few people say they know its me painted a dog (any dog) because they can feel the soul within.
    I'd agree with you too on there not being a "brand" on your work - apart from exquisite!

  18. I laughed at the hat, Candy :) Now that's imagination :)
    Thanks for the compliment on the paintings - the boots were hubby's work boots - and the Rescue Me.. I'd just love to change the world for every abandoned and homeless dog! xx

  19. Pat, I think most of us struggle with the same notion of 'what is my style?' and would anyone recognize this as mine... I know a few artists here in bloggerville that I can recognize their work.. Its something I would like to have achieved but I think its eluded me so far.. Sooo.. I'm happy to just be painting.. Style? thats for hair... lol

  20. Oh no! Barbra Joan - my hair doesn't have one either! :lol:

  21. nice work.
    as what i have observed, you have your own style in painting.
    great set:D

  22. Pat, even if there is a style difference among the various paintings, they are all nice. Personally I like very much trying different things, subjects and also ways of painting, so I like and appreciate your works. Ciao.


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