Saturday, 27 November 2010

Stage 4

The platform support that the tiger was resting on has had its first few layers of colour applied.  Next will be to start the background.
Layer after layer of applying colour using pencils is quite hard on hands and wrists. I've had to take a few breaks from creating this. Painting is easier!


  1. So far so good Pat. Well done, he looks deep in thought!

  2. He does, doesn't he? Like he's dreaming of a land far away...

  3. First if this is a double post I am sorry. My youngest son is a big help at the moment.

    Painting my be easier but you do a lovely job with pencils as well!!

  4. It looks beautiful. I have always loved tigers. I am not an artist, but in Jr High School I tried to make the head of a Tiger in art class with clay. Everyone said it looked like Smoky the Bear. HA! HA!


  5. Looking good Pat. Yes I agree painting is easier. but you are doing a great job.

  6. Willow, that's so funny :lol: Personally though, I don't think they had any artistic vision :lol:

  7. Thanks Dors - I appreciate it, especially from a maestro of the pencils like yourself *hugs*


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