Friday, 1 October 2010

Boy King 5

Carrying on with the greys and deepening the features and shadows, which helps to create the illusion of a three dimensional mask.

The masking was removed also. I'm not satisfied with the white spaces the masking left behind, they don't quite match my vision for the painting.
The next changes I will make are to the white areas, they will get tidied up and subtle reminisces of Egyptian heiroglyphs will be added.

Tomorrow you will see the finished painting.


  1. Wow! Tutankhamon! it's beautiful!


  2. Grazie, Francesco :)

    he's not quite there yet - but tomorrow he will be and I am very happy with the end result :) xx

  3. It is amazing the effect you get from your pouring technique! I actually like the white areas from the masking, am curious how you treat them now and am looking forward to your finished painting.

  4. Glad you like it, Sheryl. You'll have to give the pouring a go :)
    I thought the masked whites looked a bit chunky, so I slimmed them down and made the ends reminiscent of hieroglyphs - which I think works - you can tell me tomorrow ! :)

  5. I like the windswept quality of it with the poured paint areas. And the white space doesn't bother me one bit. Looking forward to the finished piece!

  6. Thanks, Dora ! xx
    Just me then that the white streaks looked too chunky to! :lol:

  7. I think it is going well this painting Egyptian, Pat! I look forward to seeing the final result!

  8. Thanks Cristina!
    Only a few more minutes and it should be revealed! xx

  9. I really like it is now. These textures gives a legendary aspect of time. Thank you very much for your visit.


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