Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Painting Monty 2

In this stage, I have started the eyes - so expressive.

I pause after the eyes, to allow the feeling of the dog to seep into me - and my brush!
More tomorrow ..


  1. It's so rewarding to bring the eyes to life. Looking real good Pat! Thanks again for your suggestions on my painting.

  2. Thanks Gretchen - I love seeing the eyes shining bright - then the whole painting speaks to me.
    You're more than welcome on the suggestions, I'm glad they were helpful - look forward to seeing what you change :) xx

  3. Love the angle you're using in this one with the chin and mouth so close to the viewer. Eyes brings him to life, can't wait for the next step Pat

  4. It was the angle which appealed to me, Teresa!
    It was part of a larger photo, so I had to crop it out, but sometimes, your eye just sees these things :)


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