Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Inspiration. Where to find it?

There are times you are completely at one with your creativity and you know exactly what you want to paint, what you want to say in that painting and you even know exactly what techniques you'll use.

Then there are times you want to paint, need to paint - but there is no great calling from any one subject.
What do you do in times like these?

For me, the answer is, I go to my garden. Within it there are many statues. Each one was bought because it had something special about it - and this quality I will endeavour to paint.

Do you have a store of inspiration? Is it your environment, or photos of places you have visited?

Here is the beginnings of my new painting, inspired by my garden statue, Ferdinand.

the pencil drawing

adding background washes of french ultramarine
and yellow ochre


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes you Pat! It's looking good so far!:0)

  2. Great start Pat and I look forward to updates on this.
    I have been there many times when nothing seems to hit just right...I look through reference photos and nothing.... then it will just happen. Maybe these times are meant for a break.
    I usually sharpen all my pencils...then looking at at them I am inspired again.

  3. Is he one of your Gargoyles? I think they are cute little guys.

  4. I have a huge pile of reference photos too Dors! They are all on the computer - and some days I can't be doing with trawling through.

    Cool how sharpening your pencils makes you inspired again!

  5. He is indeed Tonya!
    There's an antiques village a short drive from us - and we go there to browse. We usually find something unique :) We found the roof dragons for our house there too :)


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